National Contact Points List

BTSF National Contact Points coordinate BTSF participation and liaise with the Commission services and contractors. They are designated by EU Member States, enlargement and neighbourhood countries and some non-EU countries. Competent authority staff from these countries interested in participating in training should contact their national contact point.

Other interested parties from non-EU countries should refer to the relevant contractor responsible for the activity in which they wish to take part.

This database provides the National Contact Points (NCPs) details, organised by countries and their respective EU membership status. Countries from outside the European Union are also listed. 

In addition to the COUNTRY, names of the National Contact Points, organisations, and other common fields that appear in each contact item, the following criteria could be helpful while searching:

  • EU Member States
  • Candidate Country
  • Potential Candidate Country
  • EFTA/EEA Country
  • Other/Non-EU Country

Please use the search filters if required to find the desired location. NCPs provide BTSF with links to relevant organisations within their National Competent Authorities, which might be useful for the objectives of the BTSF Initiative.

The information published in this list will be updated regularly and all involved stakeholders will be grateful if you contribute to its maintenance it by informing us of any changes in the contact details.

Please inform the BTSF Team if your contact details have changed, or if you have any suggestions to keep this section as useful as possible. You can write to /

Thank you for your contribution.


COUNTRY (SHORT CODE) - Membership Status
Last Update: 25/11/2022
NCP Details
e-mail address/es
MEXICO - Other / Non-EU Country

Mr. René Hernández Ruiz

Director de Proyectos y Desarrollo Institucional

Servicio Nacional de Sanidad, Inocuidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASICA)

Boulevard Adolfo Ruiz Cortines No. 5010, Piso 8,
Avenida Insurgentes #489, Col. Hipódromo, Alc. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06100, Ciudad de México, México

Contact Details

Tel: +52 55 5905 1000, Ext 51596

MOLDOVA - Other / Non-EU Country


Chief of International Relations Department
National Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Moldova 
MD-2009, 63, Kogalniceanu str. Chisinau

Contact Details

Tel: (+37322) 29 47 09
Mob: +373 69251405

MOROCCO - Other / Non-EU Country

Ms Zeineb El Bouchikhi

Chef de la Division de la Cooperation et de la Communication
Head of Cooperation and Communication

Office National de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires
National Office for Food Safety
Avenue Hadj Ahmed Cherkaoui – Agdal Rabat

Contact Details

Tel: 0 +212 537 67 65 36

Fax: 0 +212 537 682 049

Mob: +212673998081

PANAMA - Other / Non-EU Country


Ministerio de Salud
Ancón, Edificio 253, 0814 Panamá

Contact Details

Tel: +507 512 9180

PARAGUAY - Other / Non-EU Country

Mr Francisco Burgos Villamayor

Director of the Direction of Technical Cooperation and Agreements

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Yegros 437 entre Cerro Corá y 25 de Mayo, Edificio San Rafael, Piso 22


Contact Details

Tel: +595 21 498940

Movil: +595 981 410871

PHILIPPINES - Other / Non-EU Country

Mr Noel A. Padre

Main Contact, Depart. Agriculture

Assistant Secretary-designate for Policy, Research and Development in concurrent capacity as Director

Policy Research Service

Elliptical Road, Diliman – Quezon City

Contact Details

Tel:  +632 929 8247
Fax: +632 920 4084

SENEGAL - Other / Non-EU Country

Mme Mame Diarra Faye

Contact Details

Tel: N/A

SINGAPORE - Other / Non-EU Country

Ms Chua Lay Har

Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Ms Charissa Lee

Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

SOUTH KOREA - Other / Non-EU Country

Mr Yang, Un-Sik

Deputy Director

General divison of International Cooperation Bureau
Ministry of Agricultures, Food and Rural Affairs 94 Dasau 2-ro, Government Complex-Sejong
Sejong-si 339-012

Contact Details

Tel:  +82442012042
Fax: +82448680449

SWAZILAND - Other / Non-EU Country

Mr Nhlanhla J. Shongwe

P.O. Box 162 Mbabane H100

Contact Details

Tel: +268 24042731/9

Mobile: +268 7606 2609

Fax: +268 24041733

Fax: +268 2404 6948