Topic outline

  • Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed - eLearning Information

    This e-Learning course is aimed at allowing participants to improve their knowledge and skills in:

    • EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (recent developments and aspects of Food Law, food hygiene, food control rules and other relevant legislation).
    • Requirements for setting up a RASFF network inside a country, including required level of food and feed controls.
    • Organisational structure of competent authorities.
    • Legal basis and communication needs.
    • Requirements for setting up a regional network of countries exchanging rapid alerts about Food and Feed, including the possibility for exchange of information, required legal basis for the system, transparency and confidentiality requirements and notification follow-up.

    Who can Participate

    BTSF Online offers 10 e-Learning courses, which can be followed in our BTSF ACADEMY e-Learning Platform, available for government officials and staff of the National Competent Authorities worlwide. Please notice that for some specific BTSF EU Training Courses, it is required to have completed the BTSF Online introductory Course for the correspondent topic/s.

    How to Register

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