BTSF Training Programme on Contaminants Course 2 (Advanced).

The specific objectives of the BTSF training activities on pesticide equipment are to further improve the knowledge of the control requirements by bringing together participants from different Member States and selected non-EU countries and to allow the exchange of experience and disseminate best practices for control activities and procedures.

Calendar and locations

Session Start Date End Date City Country
VC02 26/04/2021 30/04/2021 n/a n/a
VC07 13/09/2021 17/09/2021 n/a n/a
VC10 08/11/2021 12/11/2021 n/a n/a
VC12 17/01/2022 21/01/2022 n/a n/a
VC15 28/03/2022 01/04/2022 n/a n/a
VC16 02/05/2022 06/05/2022 n/a n/a
VC18 27/06/2022 01/07/2022 CANCELLED CANCELLED