The objective of the BTSF training activities on TRACES in Member States is to digitise the entire certification process and linked procedures, and is in line with the declaration of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The objective of the training courses is to train experts, to expand their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and to reach a common understanding of the EU legislation. They aim at contributing to the better respect of the EU Food and Feed law in EU Member States and non-EU Countries exporting to the EU, and at increasing the awareness in neighbouring non-EU Countries on the EU approach on food and feed hygiene, animal health, animal welfare, plant health and official controls.

The project is articulated in 5 courses for a total of 16 three-day training sessions on the “Use of the EU Trade Control And Expert System (TRACES)”:

  • Course 1. TRACES use at import of live animals and products of animal origin: 4 three-day training sessions.
  • Course 2. TRACES use at import of products of plant origin: 3 three-day training sessions.
  • Course 3. TRACES use at import of live plants: 3 three-day training sessions.
  • Course 4. TRACES use at import of organic products: 3 three-day training sessions.
  • Course 5. TRACES use in intra-EU trade of live animals: 3 three-day training sessions.


The specific objectives of the course are:

  • To train staff involved in official control activities so as to keep them up-to-date with the use of the EU Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES).
  • Thereby, the programme will aim at ensuring a harmonised use of TRACES, taking into account the latest updates available. As TRACES is an IT tool in continuous development, the programme will also be flexible and able to adapt its contents to the new upcoming possibilities of the system. Both the private and the public sector will benefit from a more harmonised use of TRACES and a deeper knowledge on the system by staff responsible for the official controls: better cooperation with customs, statistical data available, reduction of administrative work, faster clearance of the consignment at the border, etc.

Target audience

The profiles of the applicants should respect the following criteria:

  • Be officers of the National Competent Authority, relevant Government Ministries or Inspection services involved (or that may be potentially involved) in the use of the TRACES application at:
    • Course 1: BIP level.
    • Course 2: DPE level.
    • Course 3: Inspection Post.
    • Course 4: BIP and DPE level.
    • Course 5: LVU level.
  • Be involved in the drafting or adaptation of policies and Regulations in line with Regulation (EC) 882/2004, and related to the use of TRACES.
  • Be familiar with the principles of the organic farming scheme (for course 4).
  • Be compromised to disseminate the learning’s of the training once they finalize the training session.
  • Be proficient in the language of the training (English/French according to the session).

Calendar and locations

Session Start Date End Date City Country
1 16/07/2019 19/07/2019 Riga Latvia
2 14/10/2019 17/10/2019 Athens Greece
3 12/11/2019 15/11/2019 Riga Latvia
4 03/12/2019 06/12/2019 Athens Greece